Pelagianism and the Lord’s Supper

Movies build strong cases based in sympathetic and engaging storytelling supported by convincing acting, powerful emotional suggestion through music and the accessory trappings of set and effects. A film plot often carries us along so effectively that apart from decided critical analysis we can be brought to the point of fully condoning the conclusion of a matter without even considering ...

The Tithe is the Lord’s

The tithe in Scripture is an essential element for building Christian culture. In our time it has been separated from its biblical doctrine and synchronized with the modern cultural traditions of non-profit organizations and for-profit companies. As a society, we have accepted oppressive humanistic forms of economics and forgotten the liberating economics of Godś kingdom. A right understanding of Godś ...

Congregational Worship

Congregational worship — specifically music — is a hot topic in churches. Everyone has an opinion. The important thing to remember is that we don’t define worship. God defines worship. A few weeks ago I explored the following aspects of congregational worship at my church. Man Was Created to Be a Creature of Worship The whole purpose of our existence ...

The Nature of Love

In the first epistle of John I believe we have the most comprehensive and simple expression in all of scripture of love conquering sin and what this means for the Christian. The image is beautiful and John paints it over and over and argues it from every angle. He exhausts us with his passion for the conquering love of God. ...

Christ in Barrenness

Each one of us tends to cradle our burdens as our very own. We cherish our pain as if it belongs to us. We reap the fruits of suffering as if it is to our credit to endure. We recount our stories as if they were about us. I have heard these things said of parents in how they think ...

Rushdoony on the Birth of Christ

As a compilation of Rushdoony’s thoughts on the advent of Christ, these words express in the form of principled and comprehensive syllogism the glory and beauty of Christmas. Taken from A Word in Season. The history of Christianity has revealed an interesting fact that is often overlooked. No other faith has been so prolific in their production of music, and ...

10. Give Gifts to Neighbors & Family

We love to give gifts to each other because we are created in the image of our heavenly Father who loves to give good gifts to his children! Whether it is an expression of appreciation for a job well done or just to show gratitude for someone as a friend, the tradition of giving gifts extends throughout history. It is an expression of love that is uniquely rewarding because we vicariously experience the joy of the receiver!

9. Eat, Drink and Be Merry

The Christmas Dinner should be a royal feast — filled with joy and mirth! On Christmas Day we are remembering what God gave to us — the offer of eternal life in Jesus Christ! It should be a day filled with love, joyfulness, thanksgiving, and remembrance for what God has done.

8. Reach Out to Help Those in Need

Mrs. Jellyby, Mr. Skimpole, Mr. Jarndyce, Esther Summerson; if you’re familiar with Charles’ Dicken’s work you’ll recognize these characters and their incredibly fun literary names. But why did Dicken’s really write his book, Bleak House?

7. Share the Good News

We’re always busy — preparing food, planning activities, wrapping presents, making schedules. This season is a time of bustling and exhausting activities! But even amid the flurry of excitement surrounding the next few days, let’s pause from our preparations and consider the night Jesus was born.