7. Share the Good News

We’re always busy — preparing food, planning activities, wrapping presents, making schedules. This season is a time of bustling and exhausting activities! But even amid the flurry of excitement surrounding the next few days, let’s pause from our preparations and consider the night Jesus was born.

5. Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Home: That most singular of places, a sanctum where we should be best known, the residence of life at its deepest and most intimate, the outpost from which the family, that beautiful institution, reaches out like a ray of light from a window and extends the beauty and power of Christ’s dominion into every aspect of culture. …

4. Put Candles In Your Windows

When I was about nine years old my family took a trip to New England. One of the most memorable moments happened while driving through an old neighborhood at night. Almost without exception all of the homes displayed candles in their windows. I'll never forget the welcome it conveyed, how it drew us in, the warm light on the streets, the glow coming from each window. …

3. Bring In a Christmas Tree

Stately, well-proportioned, vividly green and alive. Bedecked with warmth and light and beauty. Surrounded with the smells and imagery and memories of one of the most beloved times of year. The Christmas tree is a commonly recognized piece of Western culture in our era. All manner of symbolism and legend has been attached to its presence during the Christmas season and there are many interpretations of the story of its origin.

2. Listen to Christmas Music

Remember that word “HARK!” Ever wonder what you were singing? “Hark! the herald angels sing…” “Hark! how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say throw cares away…” An odd old expression of the English language long since fallen out of use, the word is yet perfect in its own way. A command: LISTEN! Give your ears to hear! Pay close attention! Mark what I say! Eagerly pay heed! We sing it all the time around Christmas and never give it a second thought. But it calls out demanding an audience. What you are about to hear is important. It is life!

10 Things to Do with Your Family this Christmas Season

Over two millennia ago, the Lord Jesus Christ disrupted the very firmaments of heaven and earth as God incarnate; when he came to earth in human flesh and dwelt among us. This event was so extraordinary that the entire world separates history into two time periods: the time before his birth — before Christ (BC) — and the time after his birth — in the year of our Lord (Anno Domini, AD).

12 Reasons I’m Thankful for My Church

This Lord’s Day starts the week of our annual Thanksgiving Day tradition. It’s commonplace to share or reflect on things for which we’re grateful. With that in mind, I’ve compiled several thoughts and comments enumerating twelve reasons I’m thankful for my church. 1. We do battle together. As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another. If we are to be sharpened we ...

Madeira Wine

The quintessential American wine is not so well known anymore but it’s history and our nation’s heritage go hand in hand. For over 200 years Madeira was the American wine. With it men like Washington, Jefferson and Adams marked great milestones in the building of an infant nation like the signing of the Declaration of Independence and Washington’s Farewell Address. ...

A Short Catechism about Baptism

By John Tombes, B.D., 1659 Edited by Kurtis Amundson To the Christian Reader, Many are the things at this day charged on antipaedobaptists in their doctrine and practice, which have been proved to be unjustly imputed to them, by many large treatises extant in print. For a more facile understanding of the truth than by reading larger tracts, is this ...