Postmillennialism: An Introduction

What is the Gospel of the Kingdom? The basic framework of postmillennialism begins with understanding the nature and starting point of the Kingdom. What is the Kingdom of God? Where is it? When is it? The answers to these questions drive the resulting outlook and belief regarding Eschatology. And more importantly, the resulting response to the belief will either be ...

7. Share the Good News

We’re always busy — preparing food, planning activities, wrapping presents, making schedules. This season is a time of bustling and exhausting activities! But even amid the flurry of excitement surrounding the next few days, let’s pause from our preparations and consider the night Jesus was born.

Tahiti: 200 Years of Christian Culture

Two hundred years ago, in 1815, the recently converted Christian king of Tahiti, Pomare II, was attending worship on the Sabbath day. Suddenly, his enemies under the leadership of the Prophet of Oro furiously attacked the assembly, having been promised an easy victory by their Prophet. The missionaries, however had warned the king of such a possibility and the christian natives brought their ...