9. Eat, Drink and Be Merry

The Christmas Dinner should be a royal feast — filled with joy and mirth! On Christmas Day we are remembering what God gave to us — the offer of eternal life in Jesus Christ! It should be a day filled with love, joyfulness, thanksgiving, and remembrance for what God has done.

7. Share the Good News

We’re always busy — preparing food, planning activities, wrapping presents, making schedules. This season is a time of bustling and exhausting activities! But even amid the flurry of excitement surrounding the next few days, let’s pause from our preparations and consider the night Jesus was born.

6. Praise God with Song and Carols

This year, as you remember the joyous occasion of Jesus’ birth, celebrate with songs. Proclaim the incarnation with all the festivity of a royal arrival.

10 Things to Do with Your Family this Christmas Season

Over two millennia ago, the Lord Jesus Christ disrupted the very firmaments of heaven and earth as God incarnate; when he came to earth in human flesh and dwelt among us. This event was so extraordinary that the entire world separates history into two time periods: the time before his birth — before Christ (BC) — and the time after his birth — in the year of our Lord (Anno Domini, AD).

12 Reasons I’m Thankful for My Church

This Lord’s Day starts the week of our annual Thanksgiving Day tradition. It’s commonplace to share or reflect on things for which we’re grateful. With that in mind, I’ve compiled several thoughts and comments enumerating twelve reasons I’m thankful for my church. 1. We do battle together. As iron sharpens iron so one… 

A Short Catechism about Baptism

By John Tombes, B.D., 1659 Edited by Kurtis Amundson To the Christian Reader, Many are the things at this day charged on antipaedobaptists in their doctrine and practice, which have been proved to be unjustly imputed to them, by many large treatises extant in print. For a more facile understanding… 

Tahiti: 200 Years of Christian Culture

Two hundred years ago, in 1815, the recently converted Christian king of Tahiti, Pomare II, was attending worship on the Sabbath day. Suddenly, his enemies under the leadership of the Prophet of Oro furiously attacked the assembly, having been promised an easy victory by their Prophet. The missionaries, however had warned the… 

George Sayles Bishop, ‘Grace In Galatians’

“Grace is a provision for men who are so fallen that they cannot lift the axe of justice, so corrupt that they cannot change their own natures, so adverse to God that they cannot turn to Him, so blind that they cannot see Him, so deaf that they cannot hear… 

A.W. Tozer

For centuries the Church has stood solidly against worldly entertainment, recognizing it for what it was: a device for wasting time … a scheme to divert attention from moral accountability. … But of late she has become tired of the abuse, and has given up the struggle. … The average church member lives… 

Behold, Your King

For 2,000 years the historic Christian church has remembered the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in human flesh. This event celebrated around the world declares the advance of Christ’s Kingdom; of the increase of His government there shall be no end! No expression of man has described this work of our Messiah so… 

“The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he shall reign forever and ever.”
—Revelation 11:15